Sunday 16 February 2014

Rawsome Cheesy Buckwheat Hemp Crackers!

I love Buckwheat! To clarify, its name incorrectly links it with wheat when it’s actually a berry, it’s an awesome source of protein, is low GI, high fibre, high in iron and calcium (are you thinking great vegan food yet?) It’s also high in a flavonoid called Rutin which strengthens capillaries, so great for preventing those spider veins and it’s chock full of B vitamins for ENERGY! Buckwheat is hands down my favourite pre training meal, I sometimes have it cooked, but mainly in crackers, pizza, dried as buckwheaties and tossed on salads. It’s also dirt CHEAP. I use it for my family instead of rice, it’s impossible to compare how much better it is for you than RICE, there is simply no comparison!
These crackers make a great base for any topping, I especially like them with pesto (recipe here Crackers are terrific in Raw Cuisine, you can't beat that crunchy texture, I challenge any 'regular' cracker eater to tell the difference (well, these are waaaay tastier!).

2 Cups Soaked and Sprouted Buckwheat
¼ cup water (you may want to add more down track, see how it looks)
2 tablespoons Olive Oil
1 Teaspoon Salt
¼ Cup Nutritional Yeast
¾ Cup Hemp Seeds
1 Cup Flax Meal
I also add a teaspoon of Chipotle Pepper to give them a nice warm spicy note; you could also try Cumin or just experiment with other things you like!


Mix everything in the food processor, except the flax meal,
Transfer to a large bowl and mix through the flax meal quickly
Divide into half (approx.) and spread to desired thickness on a teflex dehydrator sheet
Score into cracker shapes
Dehydrate for approximately 12 hours, turning once (by flipping onto another sheet and peeling off the original.

Don’t have a dehydrator? You can make these in the over, they won’t be raw but still a great nutritional snack, pop in the oven around 160degC for about 10 minutes.

There are lots of great reasons to sprout! When soaked, seeds begin the sprouting process which increases their nutrient profile considerably. Sprouting also increases enzyme activity, allowing greater absorption of nutrients by the body and increased digestibility.

Sprouting is dead live easy! Grab a large jar, put your seeds in and soak them overnight. In the morning, pour off the water and give them a good rinse. If you don’t have a sprouting jar with a mesh lid, just cut a piece of chux cloth or a juice bag and grab a rubber band to secure it over the mouth of the jar.

A couple of times a day, rinse and drain. After about 1.5 days, little tails will appear on the Buckwheat, they are now ready to use.

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